Unleashing the Natural Potential of Plants

We are addressing the Future Needs of Agriculture by Discovering Novel Natural Molecules Helping Plants to Unleash their Full Potential.


Our Key Drivers

We strongly believe we must change the way we produce our food: Agriculture must rely less on Synthetic Chemicals and use less Non-Renewable Resources.

Inspired by the Disruptive Discovery of a Novel Family of Natural Plant Molecules, we are building a Unique Discovery Engine to rapidly identify new solutions to increase plant resistance to Biotic and Abiotic Stresses and help farmers improve Crop Yield and preserve their Soil.


Feeding a growing population in the context of Climate Change will require a profound change in farming. Less Chemicals and better use of Natural Resources are key to the preservation of our planet for future generations.


We are building a Unique Discovery Engine to rapidly identify specific Plant Development Regulators based on a Natural, Transient and Localized gene regulation mechanism that our team of scientists discovered.


The solutions we, at Micropep, are developing will help farmers increase Crop Yield by better managing Abiotic and Biotic stresses and Control Weed growth while preserving the Environment.

Our Focus


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